Junior Deputy Osborne reporting for duty

Published 1:24 pm Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Residents of Rocky Mount Road in Highland Home are feeling a little bit safer lately as the youngest deputy of the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Department, six year old Christopher Osborne, patrols the roadway each day.

Osborne’s mother, Brittany Osborne, said his duty began in August when he received an electric patrol car for his birthday and he hasn’t taken a day off since.

“He gets off the bus about 3:15 p.m. and the first thing he does is go suit up,” Brittany Osborne said. “He’ll ride up and down the road and if someone is coming he’ll get out and tell them to slow down. He’s very serious about it and he’ll even yell at them sometimes because people fly up this road, but him being out here has kind of made people slow down.”

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On Sep. 13, Christopher received a visit from Highland Home School resource officer Andy Sutley, Lt. Chris Stewart, and Sheriff Terry Mears to congratulate him on the good work he is doing in his community. 

Christopher took great pleasure in a short training session with the officers as he learned how to operate the lights and sirens in patrol vehicles, looked through the medical kits officers carry, inquiied about which items he will need in his own patrol car, and discussed his strategy for keeping his road safe.

The junior deputy said he has already written a few citations for speeders on his road and has no desire to stop any time soon. 

“I pull people over because they drive too fast,” Osborne said. “They need to slow down when they come through here.”

Christopher said he plans to continue his patrol through his school years and wants to become an official deputy when he is old enough expressing particular interest in becoming  a K9 officer. In a conversation with Mears, Christopher said he will need a radar gun so he can be more effective in his junior deputy role.

He also offered a warning to anyone who dares to speed in his jurisdiction, “Slow down! You do the crime, you do the time.”