Pet of the Week-Diesel and Gracie

Published 12:17 am Friday, September 15, 2023

By Haley Mitchell Godin

In this week’s edition of “Pet of the Week,” we introduce you to Diesel, the gentle giant and Gracie, the tiny furball, a mismatched pair in terms of size but a perfect match in companionship. 

Diesel is a massive 188-pound Great Dane, while Gracie, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier, is just four months old but packs a big personality into her 2.4-pound frame.

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One might wonder how such a vast difference in size could lead to harmony, but for Diesel and Gracie love knows no boundaries. Gracie, still learning the ropes of puppyhood, often uses her tiny teeth to explore, and more often than not, finds Diesel’s toenails, toes, ears or face. Despite the occasional nibble, Diesel seems to take it all in stride. Even as Gracie uses Diesel as her personal jungle gym, Diesel remains cool and composed. 

Diesel’s taste buds are broad, and he relishes just about any food he can get his paws on. However, he enjoys bread the most and will help himself to an entire loaf if left on the counter. 

Meanwhile, Gracie’s culinary tastes align perfectly with her owner’s, as she always begs for a nibble regardless of what her mom is dining on. 

The owner of these pups, Pam Salter of Luverne, affectionately described Diesel as the perfect indoor pet, saying, “He loves to relax on the couch and never demands anything from his owners.” 

Recently, Gracie has discovered how to get on the couch and now enjoys snuggling with her brother Diesel during their quality bonding moments.