Daniel Jones: Dedicated Luverne first responder

Published 9:41 am Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Daniel Jones, officer with the Luverne Police Department (LPD), is serving in his seventh year as a law enforcement officer in Crenshaw County.

Jones started his career in law enforcement in 2016 with LPD, taking a break in 2021 to join the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Department as their Chief Deputy until summer 2023 when he returned home to LPD. 

Jones said his decision to choose a career as a first responder was an easy one as he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, who both helped found as well as served on the Luverne Rescue Squad, the Luverne Fire Department, and the Luverne Police Department during his heyday. 

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“This career was a path of footprints I was able to follow from my grandfather,” Jones said. “I learned from him when I was a small child, and since then I’ve always wanted to be in a first responder role.”

In the process of protecting and serving their communities, law enforcement officers often step bravely into precarious and dangerous situations. Jones said that for him, this is the most challenging part of being in law enforcement.

However, according to Jones, the good work that he and his fellow officers do within the community far outweigh the potential dangers they face day to day. 

“There really is a possibility that when you say goodbye to your wife, child, or whoever you have at home when you go on shift, that could very well be the last time you say goodbye to them,” Jones stressed. “There are moments that make everything worth it though. My biggest thing is just helping people in general, whether it be somebody who has a flat tire or even someone’s child is upset and doesn’t understand something and they need someone to explain it to them a little easier.”

Jones acknowledged that law enforcement offices face similar challenges as other workforces as far as staffing is concerned, and that departments often have to ask officers to work hours in excess of what they typically would. The high demand placed on these officers can sometimes weigh heavily on their shoulders, but Jones said his love for his community helps him to carry the weight. 

Jones also said he is proud to serve the Luverne area and offered an invocation to all those in his service area: “Never be afraid to stop and say hello.”


Editor’s note: This article is the first in a regular series planned to highlight Crenshaw County first responders – firefighters, law enforcement, emergency medical technicians and others who give of themselves to respond to life’s emergencies. We welcome readers to suggest people who we can feature to thank them for their service.