BREAKING NEWS: Frost arrested on multiple charges

Published 11:12 am Thursday, August 31, 2023

A former Crenshaw Christian Academy (CCA) teacher has been arrested under three felony charges and one misdemeanor charge related to improper conduct.

The Luverne Police Department (LPD) announced Thursday that Chrystal Kari Marie Frost, 35, was arrested on three felony charges –  one count of electronic solicitation of a child (Class B), one count of traveling to meet a child for an unlawful sex act (Class A), two counts of a school employee engaging in sex act with student under 19 (Class B) – as well as two counts of a school employee distributing obscene material to a student, a Class A misdemeanor.

Frost is a resident of Luverne where she worked as a teacher at CCA prior to the investigation resulting in the charges.

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At time of publication, no bond had been set on the charges.

According to LPD Captain Mason Adcock, the charges resulted from an investigation launched after the department received a report from the school.

“These charges stem from reports made to the Luverne Police Department based on mandatory reporting requirements of the school,” Adcock said. “This is an ongoing investigation.”

SalLee Sasser-Williams, CCA board president, said the school has fully cooperated with the investigation.

“We have been completely cooperative with investigators,” she said. “The school’s administration and our board are doing everything we can. We have been completely cooperating and are trying to process what’s going on with this ourselves.”

On Monday, Police Chief Michael Johnson confirmed the department’s investigation into allegations of wrongdoing by a former CCA teacher and said no further information was available due to the nature of the investigation and the age of the alleged victims.

“We are right in the heart of this and about to make some progress,” Johnson said.

Over the weekend of Aug. 26-27, social media posts speculated on the nature of allegations and the identity of the alleged suspect, but according to Johnson, most of the information circulating on social media had no merit.

Becky Baggett, headmaster of CCA, did confirm Monday that there is currently an investigation, but was unable to comment further.

Anyone with information relevant to the investigation should contact Sergeant John Powell with the Luverne Police Department.