Luverne police investigate allegations against CCA teacher

Published 9:04 pm Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The Luverne Police Department is investigating allegations against a teacher at Crenshaw Christian Academy (CCA).

Luverne Police Chief Michael Johnson confirmed the department was in the midst of an investigation related to allegations of wrongdoing by a CCA teacher. Johnson said no further information was available due to the nature of the investigation and the age of the alleged victims.

“We are right in the heart of this and about to make some progress,” Johnson said.

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The chief said the department expected to release information as soon as lunchtime on Wednesday. At press time, no other details were available.

Social media posts speculated on the nature of allegations and the identity of the alleged suspect, but according to Johnson, most of the information circulating on social media had no merit.

Becky Baggett, headmaster of CCA, did confirm there is currently an investigation, but was unable to comment further.

This article will be updated as new information becomes available.