Julie Brown assumes role as pep squad coach at HHS

Published 3:32 am Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Four to six year old cheerleaders at Highland Home School (HHS) will see a proud new face heading their squad this school year.

Julie Brown is a 2020 graduate of HHS and this year she and her assistant coaches, Casey Beck and Dakota Watkins, will lead the Highland Home Pep Squad as they cheer on the Flying Squadron during the upcoming football season. 

Brown, the daughter of Candice and Jamie Brown, grew up in Honoraville, and has long been a part of the Highland Home community. She and her husband JD Watkins currently reside in Honoraville along with their miniature schnauzer named Roxy. 

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Brown said that though she works as a medical bill review associate, she holds cheerleading and her community near and dear to her heart.

According to Brown, she saw the opportunity to give back to her Alma Mater and jumped into action.

“I was a cheerleader in school for six years,” Brown said. “I love HHS, and I wanted to be more involved in the school that I grew up at.”

In addition to giving back to her community, Brown said she also saw the chance to be a mentor for children and help grow their spirits.”

“My niece Marley Brown is a cheerleader,” Brown said. “I want to be a role model for her, and also for all the other young girls at HHS. I want to be someone they can look up to and someone that can help them grow to love cheer and love this school like I do.”

Six year old Pep Squad cheerleader Hazel Posey, who is in her first season at HHS, said she is excited about cheering under Brown this season, especially since she is new to the school.

“Miss Julie is really nice,” Posey said. “I’m glad she gets to be my coach and be my friend too.”

Brown’s mother, Candice Brown, said she is proud of her daughter and excited to see her grow as a coach.

“Julie has always loved cheerleading and I think she is going to be great,” Candice said. “Me and her dad are so proud of her for stepping up, we can’t wait to see her take off and see where she goes from here.”

Brown said she is grateful for the opportunity to serve as a coach at HHS and hopeful about where this opportunity will lead her.

“I’m so thankful that I was allowed to be a coach this year,” Brown said. “I’m really excited to get to know my girls more. I’m looking forward to a great season and helping them grow, and I hope that I can make them proud enough to want to cheer with me again next year.”