Dunham sentenced to 50 years, crime against minor

Published 3:19 pm Sunday, August 6, 2023

Following a Mar. 13 Crenshaw County Grand Jury indictment and a June 13 Grand Jury trial, Shane Michael Dunham has received sentencing for his crime of sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old.

During a one-day trial on Aug. 1, District Judge Thomas Sport presided as a Crenshaw County jury found Dunham guilty of his accused crime and sentenced Dunham to 50 years in prison.   

Lieutenant Chris Stewart of the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Department investigated the case, working closely with the District Attorney’s office to bring justice to the victim and their family. 

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Stewart expressed his disgust with crimes of this nature and promised he will continue to work tirelessly to ensure offenders are held accountable.

“Our children and our elderly are the most vulnerable in our community, and crimes against them are absolutely despicable,” Stewart said. “Whatever we can do to bring justice and closure to their families, we will do. We work hard to make sure members of our community can have a happy life, and if someone wants to get in the way of that by bringing harm to our children or our elderly, we will take action and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

District Attorney Charlotte Tesmer said she believes Sport made a good call and she supports the given sentence.

“Any time someone is convicted of sexual abuse of a child there is no parole and no probation,” Tesmer said. “His sentence will be a day-for-day sentence, which means he will serve every day of his 50 years. I am very pleased with Judge Sport’s ruling in this case.”

In a media release on Aug. 2 Crenshaw County Sheriff Terry Mears also voiced his support of the ruling, assuring Crenshaw County residents that crimes against children are taken seriously, investigated thoroughly, and that offenders will face consequences.

“This outcome sends a clear message that such despicable acts against children will not be tolerated in our community,” Mears said. “We remain committed to protecting our children and holding offenders accountable. Together, we can make a difference and create a safer environment for all.”