Sizzlin Summer Pet of the Season-Bailey

Published 1:39 am Thursday, August 3, 2023

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

The 2023 Crenshaw Animal Clinic Sizzlin Summer Pet of the Season is Bailey, the 6 year old toy poodle of Marcus and Liz Moody of Luverne. Bailey and her owners won a personalized prize package from Crenshaw Animal Clinic valued at $250.00.

Bailey has been lovingly nicknamed “Snoopy Doo” by the Moody’s grandaughter, Parrish. She has a unique way of letting her owners know when she needs to go outside – by gently pawing at the backs of their legs. One of Bailey’s favorite activities is going for rides, although there is one particular destination she’s not too fond of – the Pet Boutique, where she gets groomed. One thing that sets Bailey apart is her ability to understand a variety of cues. She responds to commands such as “outside,” “go potty,” “get in,” “inside,” “go to your bed,” and more. She is a robust and hearty little girl who isn’t fussy when it comes to her diet. 

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Her owners feed her Purina One rice and lamb, ensuring she stays healthy and satisfied. Despite her independent nature, Bailey tends to get easily startled and prefers to stay close to her owners. 

Bailey shares her home with her sister, Zoey, who suffers from seizures. The bond between these two pups is evident in their behavior. When Zoey has to go to the vet, Bailey can be heard crying for her companion, and likewise, Zoey cries if Bailey is not around. Notably, Bailey possesses a somewhat refined demeanor and receives regular grooming sessions for her hair and nails. 

Marcus, Bailey’s human dad, spends a lot of time with her when he’s home from work. It’s a time for them to play, relax, and build their relationship. When both Bailey and Zoey sense that Marcus is preparing to leave for work, they pout and refuse to acknowledge his goodbyes.  Alternatively, when Marcus returns home from work, both pups are overcome with joy and excitement as they see him walk through the door. Bailey brings warmth and love to the Moody household. With her playful yet gentle nature, she has captured the hearts of her family and all those around her. The Moody’s decided to donate their prize package to Animal Tails Rescue. 

“Pet of the Week,” “Pet of the Season,” and “Pet of the Year” are sponsored by Crenshaw Animal Clinic and Dr. Alethea Gammage of Luverne – (334) 335-5309. Crenshaw Animal Clinic is a full-service small animal clinic that provides comprehensive health care for pets. They offer a full range of services to help keep pets happy and healthy- including vaccine administration, routine preventive care, wellness exams, dental care, allergy care, flea/tick/heartworm control, parasite control, routine surgical procedures, microchipping, early detection, and treatment of a wide range of conditions and diseases with in-clinic diagnostics, ophthalmology, spay and neuter, and more. 

Bailey and the other three quarterly winners will soon compete for “Crenshaw Animal Clinic Pet of the Year” and the grand prize. 

Pet of the Week are continuously accepted. To submit your furry (or scaly, slimy or feathery) friend, visit If participants have submitted a nomination for a pet, and the pet hasn’t been featured, don’t fret! We have rolled all entries over into the next contest.