Frost, new CCA varsity cheer coach

Published 7:57 pm Friday, July 28, 2023

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

Chrystal Frost is a woman whose passion for cheerleading is woven into her life’s journey, leading her to inspire and uplift the next generation of young athletes and students.

Frost, who sponsors the Crenshaw Christian Academy (CCA) varsity cheer team, is a remarkable individual, said headmaster Rebecca Baggett. 

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“Chrystal is very excited about being the varsity cheer sponsor,” Baggett said. “They have all put in many hours of work preparing for this year. In addition to taking on cheer sponsor she completed her college work last year to teach math part time for us. She brings a lot of energy to the cheer program and is also excited about being in the classroom. Math teachers are very hard to find. She and Natalie Lankford work together well with both squads of cheerleaders. They both demonstrate Cougar Pride in everything they do.”

A member of the 2006 graduating class of South Montgomery County Academy, Frost holds a bachelor’s in business administration from Troy University, served almost six years as CCA Parent-teacher Association (PTA) president, and is a high school math teacher at CCA, all while working on finishing her math degree with Western Governors University.   

Frost’s journey into the world of cheerleading began during her own high school years. As a highschool cheerleader for five years, she fell in love with the sport, captivated by the energy, precision and teamwork it demanded. 

Reflecting on her high school years, Frost fondly remembers the influential cheer coach, Lisa Rials. Rials’ coaching style, characterized by a blend of toughness and unwavering support, left a lasting impression on Frost. The lessons she learned from Rials — sharpness, smiles and a positive attitude — remain at the core of her coaching philosophy. 

Frost acknowledges the impact of other coaches, such as Ashley Duncan and Amanda Martin, but it was Rials who truly shaped her love for cheerleading.

When her children enrolled at CCA in 2014, Frost said she became involved with the PTA and eventually served as its president from August 2017 to January 2023. Frost’s dedication to the school community and her passion for education led her to pursue a teaching career. 

Then later, when the opportunity arose to combine her academic expertise and passion for cheerleading, Frost eagerly embraced the chance to become the varsity cheer coach.

“I was fortunate enough that previous cheer coach Hanna Walden Mitchell noticed my interest and allowed me to help her on occasion when I wasn’t doing something for PTA,” Frost said. “My love for cheer has only grown since my kids began attending CCA in 2014 and now thanks to the Mrs. Baggett and the board, I get to use my knowledge and passion for cheer to help the Varsity Squad.”

CCA senior and cheerleader Zadie Burgans said that Frost has tirelessly invested countless hours in shaping the squad into the best version of themselves. 

“Mrs. Chrystal has a very close and strong connection with each of us cheerleaders,” Burgans said. “I think with her dedication and commitment to our team she will prove to be a great leader and coach. Over the summer she has put countless hours into shaping us into the cheer team and she sees the potential in us. We love Mrs. Chrystal and everything she does for us.”

Frost firmly believes that cheerleading plays a vital role in developing the strength and leadership skills of female athletes. She recognizes that cheerleaders must maintain an upbeat and positive attitude to keep both the crowd and the team motivated. Translating this mindset into the classroom, Frost understands that students face adversity daily, whether in grasping new material or overcoming obstacles. The resilience and determination instilled in cheerleaders can serve them well beyond high school, preparing them for the challenges of adulthood.

The CCA varsity squad attended the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA) cheer camp at Troy University, where they faced initial challenges in finding their rhythm. However, through perseverance, hard work, and a shared determination to improve, they emerged as winners, securing Blue Superior ribbons in all evaluated categories. It was a proud moment for Frost, witnessing her squad’s dedication and willingness to push themselves to achieve greatness.

“The 23-24 season is going to be a fun adventure with this squad,” Frost said. “We have a lot of traditions to continue to uphold but we are also putting a few twists in that we haven’t done at CCA or haven’t done in a while. I know my squad is going to make this the best first year of coaching.”