Dustin Burbage arrested, charged with attempted murder

Published 4:46 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2023

A night of celebration ended with shots fired and the arrest of a Brantley man Saturday. 

Dustin Lee Burbage, 40, was taken into custody by the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Department Saturday evening and charged with attempted murder after disturbing the peace during a wedding celebration at Barns and Bins Wedding and Event Venue near Luverne.

According to Sheriff’s Investigator Chris Stewart, officers received a call around 8:40 p.m. of a disturbance at the wedding party of a Honoraville area couple. 

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“We received the call at 8:40 p.m. on July 8,” Steward said. “When the initial deputy arrived on the scene, it was a bit chaotic. Being a wedding party, there were beverages consumed. Once he got everything settled down he requested I come out and help. We began gathering statements from witnesses. An arrest was made on Dustin Burbage of Brantley for attempted murder.”

The charges resulted from shots fired by Burbage towards a wedding guest. Witness statements indicate Burbage was not a wedding guest but arrived at the scene to aid a guest with her vehicle, which seemed to be broken down.

“He was approached by some of the wedding guests about his behavior and how fast he pulled into [the venue],” Stewart said. “According to wedding guests, he drove in very recklessly. He was later approached by some of the individuals who asked him to calm down and leave. He then brandished a firearm, began waving it around and pointing at everyone.”

Witness statements describe individuals encouraging Burbage to put his weapon away and leave the scene. Eventually, he discharged his weapon at an individual, who was not injured.

“Luckily, the bullet struck the ground,” Stewart said. “Based on witness statements, we contacted the district attorney’s office. That’s when we made the charge of attempted murder. He was booked into the county jail that night.”

Rumors circulated in the community, reporting property damage and physical altercations. Stewart confirmed those reports were false.

“Burbage drove around the entire establishment,” Stewart said. “Recent rain made the ground soft, so when he drove around it made some ruts in the yard, but there was no damage. The groom’s brother was trying to separate him from the incident and a single glass pane was shattered but I think the [wedding party] took care of the damages and paid for them that night. There was no damage of a criminal nature and no physical altercation.”

Crenshaw County Sheriff Terry Mears said deputies and investigators responded, calmed the scene, took statements, and ultimately made the arrest.

“I started up that way,” Mears said. “But deputies had everything under control.”

Venue owner, Stacey Jayroe Jones declined to comment on the incident due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

“Barns and Bins is unable to comment on an ongoing investigation,” Jones said.

According to Stewart, the incident was an isolated event.

“This was an isolated incident,” Stewart said. “This is a venue, not a bar or anything like that. This is a one time deal for the [wedding] family as well.”