He’s not the same as before

Published 8:00 am Saturday, May 20, 2023

By Dean Kelly

His name was Sable. He was a totally black cat who loved to have his ears scratched and to be petted by the grandchildren. 

The other day, Sable wandered off for a couple of days, like cats sometimes do. When he came back, he was extremely nervous and not at all like the Sable that we had known and loved. 

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Sable also was apparently injured, though there were no visible scars. Finally, he ran off in a fright, and we have not seen him since. But even if he had stayed, he would not have been the same as he was before. 

A servant and follower of Jesus, who had been by His side His whole ministry on earth, became filled with greed and avarice, and betrayed his friend for a few pieces of silver (Matthew 26:14-16). Afterward, he went and hung himself because he was not the same as he was before.

A blind man, who had never seen, suddenly received his sight (John 9). The leaders of the people asked the man’s  parents what had happened, and they said that he was an adult, so the rulers would need to ask him. All they knew was that he was not the same as he was before; he knew it was because he had met Jesus.

We cannot figure out what changed poor old Sable so that we lost him. We wanted to help him, and maybe change him back for the better, but did not get the chance.

When we encounter Satan and evil and let it influence us, we are not the same anymore. 

When we come to the cross of Jesus, it will change us for the better. We will not be the same as we were before and thanks be to God for that!