Something Old, Something New with Crenshaw County Extension Office

Published 3:09 am Friday, May 5, 2023

By Tana Jackson Shealey

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) has been an old friend to farmers, homemakers, and youth since the late 1890’s. Now,  the Crenshaw County Extension office has a new team bringing different skills to help old friends.

Amanda Evans became the Crenshaw County Extension Coordinator (CEC) almost two years ago. Her job is to facilitate the teams’ delivery of research-based programs to stakeholders by assessing needs, assigning resources and scheduling classes and workshops.

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“I was a project manager in environmental engineering for years before working with Extension,” Evans said. “So, I feel comfortable working with stakeholders who might need soil and water analysis, for example.”

“I have lived here all my life, so I know the area and the people. We have tons of learning opportunities from human nutrition programs to food production safety classes, financial management, and 4-H,” she added.

Heather Sanders joined the team last June as the 4-H Regional Extension Agent.

“I love it,” Heather laughed. “This is an amazing job. I was a high school counselor for the latter part of my school career. This job has allowed me to get back in with the ‘little people world’ teaching youth again.” 

Sanders said she feels a connection with the teachers and students because of her 25 years working with county schools.

Working with youth is what encouraged Kristen Sanders to apply for the position of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Ed (SNAP-Ed) Agent Assistant. SNAP Ed teaches adults to prepare tasty, nutritious meals and youth to make healthy food choices. 

Kristen previously worked as an administrative support associate in the office but wanted a change.

“I love having that interaction with the clients we serve,” Kristen said. “I think being an administrative support associate was great, and it helped me learn more about Extension as a whole. I just did not get to see the kids’ faces. I love having that experience. There are so many different opportunities working with Extension,”

Those opportunities are what encouraged Jayden Powell to leave her former job in banking to work as an administrative support associate in the Crenshaw office. 

“I started March 13th here,” Powell said.” I love the atmosphere. This is where I belong. I grew up on a farm, and I was in 4-H, so I have known about Extension for years.”

Powell’s job requires maintaining office files, data entry, customer service, and supporting all program areas. 

“The customers that I talk to are coming to me for help finding research and direction,” she said. “I am so happy to be able to help them get the research and share information about our events and classes.” 

Evans closed the conversation stating, “Please come by and see us. We are a brand-new crew, but we are working to make a difference to help everybody in Crenshaw County.” 

For more information about ACES research, programs, and employment opportunities, visit To reach the Crenshaw County office, call 334-335-6312.