Brantley School ladies shine onstage

Published 4:45 pm Thursday, April 27, 2023

Brantley School varsity cheerleaders hosted a pageant on April 22 featuring contestants for categories from Tiny Miss to Campus Beaty. Here are the winners and runners-up in each category. Photos by Jammie Odom

BHS Campus Beauty 2023 Auburn Morrell

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BHS Campus Beauties: Pictured are (left to right) People’s Choice Winner Kaitlyn Piggot, First Runner-Up and Photogenic winner Manning Fox, BHS Campus Beauty winner and Interview Winner Auburn Morrell, and Second Runner-Up Ellis Knighten.

Brantley Junior Miss Winners: Pictured are (left to right) Third Runner-Up Annabell Bryan, Second Runner-Up August Ford, Junior Miss and Photogenic Winner Lydia Sowell, First Runner-Up Nellie Ann Smith, and People’s Choice winner Kimberly Berry.

Brantley Miss Elementary Winners: Pictured are (left to right) second Runner-Up Ava Gibson, Miss Elementary Anna Morgan Taylor, First Runner-Up and People’s Choice winner Leila Daniels, and Photogenic winner Kenley Hughes.

Brantley Little Miss winners: Pictured are (left to right) Third Runner-Up Collins Folmar, Second Runner-Up Chloe Dewrell, Little Miss and Photogenic winner Marci Taylor, First Runner-Up Layken Sowell, and People’s Choice winner Landry Kate Spurlin.

Brantley Tiny Miss winners: Pictured are (left to right) First Runner-Up Victoria Johns, Tiny Miss Brantley winner Gabrielle Franklin, Second Runner-Up Paisley Bradley, Photogenic and People’s Choice winner Kinzlie Bell.