Progress not always easy, convenient

Published 6:15 pm Wednesday, March 22, 2023

An Editorial Opinion of The Luverne Journal

The Town of Brantley recently held a public hearing to facilitate community conversations around the town’s water and sewer system projects.

The meeting was an open dialogue where elected officials, like Brantley Mayor Bernie Sanders, thanked Alabama Department of Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) Director Kenneth Boswell for helping make improvements possible to support the town’s economic development expansion and in support of the continuing needs of its residents. 

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Community members attended to hear updates on various projects, and while most would agree the improvements were much needed, they also recognized the improvements brought challenges, which complicate life for residents living near active construction sites.

Alfreda Wiley, a lifelong Brantley resident, expressed concerns about road conditions near her home and noted damage caused by the construction.

Others, including Revered Greg Huff, described poor road conditions and questioned officials on when residents could expect repairs.

Town officials acknowledged their concerns, and others, and assured residents the town would work to address conditions as quickly as possible.

Some say, “Change is never easy.”

No new construction, or renovations, is ever accomplished without creating conditions requiring cleanup. Brantley Town officials show a high level of care for residents, by fostering open communications, inviting citizens to raise concerns, and answer questions.

The citizens are participating in the discussion; expressing concerns in a manner that sets a good example other communities can follow, especially pertaining to the challenges and inconvenience caused by improvements like those being accomplished in Brantley.

Change often brings with it improvement — upgrades, additional services, improved quality. Even so, no one ever said it would be easy or convenient because change is hard, no matter what or where it happens.

The Town of Brantley, and its citizens are navigating change in a way other communities would do well to follow. Truly the town and its citizens display a level of caring for one another, which is refreshing and commendable.