Interests inspire cottage industry

Published 5:46 pm Monday, February 13, 2023

Confucius, the Chinese teacher and philosopher is credited with inspiring the phrase, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Laura Tucker, a successful food blogger and founder of South Made Simple, LLC embodies this mantra, utilizing her marketing education and experience, coupled with a creative flair and love for food and vintage glassware, to corner 3D printing markets from her residence in Highland Home.

It’s fascinating to consider how Tucker’s path unfolded, beginning with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Troy University and a desire to be home with her two young daughters during their early years.

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Tucker began sharing recipes and cooking tips on her blog, The blog took off, and Tucker was soon working from her home office, getting up in the wee early-morning hours to write content before her girls woke up.

Eventually, her husband Kyle purchased a laser cutter for wood designs and later a 3D printer for plastic crafting. The pair began making earrings, then Bogg Bag Charms for local friends, finally introducing the products on Etsy and cornering the market for customizable Bogg Bag accessories.

Tucker’s love for food inspired her interest in collecting vintage glassware, such as Pyrex bowls and casseroles. Out of a need for something to help her display the colorful, nesting glassware, Tucker designed 3D printed platforms and became the first Etsy seller in the United States to offer the custom designed platforms.

As a friend of Tucker and a fan of her blog, I watched with wonder as her cottage industry developed and expanded. Knowing how deeply she desired to nurture her daughters through their first few years, I applauded as she juggled homelife with a developing business and used her creative flair to set trends in online markets.

All the time, I worked in personnel management, and wrote freelance articles during my off time, hoping one day I could transition to a full-time journalism career.

Tucker inspired me to keep working toward that goal. Her ingenuity and her desire to use her passions in a meaningful and profitable enterprise motivated me to keep writing and working toward the day when I too could work full time doing something I love.

Confucius hit the nail on the head. A job pays the bills, but working in something we love, whether we are cooking, writing, farming, counseling, cutting hair, or making widgets, makes a job feel like a hobby.

Tucker loves waking up to create the next, newest trend.

I love learning, writing, and sharing your stories.

For those who are still working towards the job you love, keep at it until you achieve it and let me know when you make it because we are eager to share your story.