End-of-season cheerleading and football banquet held at Brantley School

Published 6:43 am Friday, January 20, 2023

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

The 2023 Brantley Bulldogs Youth Football and Cheerleading League held their end-of-season banquet Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. in the school’s cafeteria. 

Players, cheerleaders, parents, coaches, and fans packed the lunchroom to celebrate the season. 

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Athletes were called by name to the stage to accept their trophies, beginning with the Tiny Mite and Pup Squad cheerleaders. Misty Powell Green, cheer president and pee wee head coach, presented the awards to the cheerleaders and thanked all the coaches for their hard work.

“I want to recognize these ladies for their hard work and dedication,” Green said. “We had 51 girls total, and all of the coaches did a fantastic job with these girls. Their dedication certainly deserves to be acknowledged.”

Jordan Bowlan and Paige Smith coached the Pup Squad; Jacy Spurlin, Lacy Cook, and Bonnie Folmar led the Tiny Mites; and Allie Griffin coached the Termites. Green and Morgan Taylor coached the Pee Wee cheerleaders, who placed second runners-up in the area cheer competition. 

Bobby Phillips, president of the Brantley Bulldogs Youth Football program, congratulated the players and cheerleaders on a great year and thanked those that made the season possible. 

“We had another great season,” Phillips said. “You can tell the family has grown, and I love it. We may have to find a bigger place for next year’s banquet, and that is certainly a good problem to have. Thanks to Mrs. Tooney Morgan for all her help throughout the year and to Mrs. Pam Cook for allowing us to use the lunchroom. 

“There were so many behind-the-scenes volunteers like Mr. Patrick Smith who helped keep the practice field lined all year long, my wife, those that worked the gate, picked up trash and many others. Without the support of our community, we could not do all this.”

Blake Folmar, one of the Termite coaches, presented Phillips with a Brantley Bulldog helmet signed by all Brantley Bulldog Youth Football coaches.

“We want to thank Bobby for all he does,” Folmar said. “Without him, his dedication and the countless hours he puts in day in and day out, this would not be possible. We have a great program that he has helped to grow and grow. We appreciate all you do very much.”

Each football player was awarded with a trophy, and the Termites were presented with their championship rings.

The Tiny Mites, coached by Justin Ray, Brett Green, Scott Crawford and Eric Nelson, won the 2022 Brantley Youth Football Turkey Bowl and received their rings Jan. 8. 

The Tiny Mites scored 152 points and allowed 12. They lost only one regular season game during the 2022 season, to Kinston. The team faced Kinston once more in the championship game where they faced another loss. 

The Bulldog Termites, coached by William Wingard, Greg Jones, Blake Folmar, and Wesley Booker, scored 146 points during the 2022 season and allowed 24. 

Kevin Freeman, Charlie Mack, Jeffery Daniels, Scotty Abadilla, and Darren Blackmon coached the Pee Wee team. The Termites scored 154 points and allowed 52 during the season. 

Michael Senn, who coaches the 5- and 6-year-olds, served as the league’s tournament coordinator. 

Sign ups for the 2023 season will be held in April at the Brantley Fire Department. All children from 5-12 years of age can register.