Our view: Car show allows hobbyists outlet to showcase interest while promoting a good cause

Published 12:00 pm Friday, September 2, 2022

Niche hobbyists pitched in to benefit Brantley School in a big way Aug. 20. 

Members of the Brantley community and surrounding areas showed off their charitable spirit and their love for classic and contemporary customized vehicles during the second-annual All-Wheels Cruise-In car show.

The event raised $2,100 for the school, a feat made possible by event organizer Larry Johnson.

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Many variables play into the success of events like this one. 

The car owners of the 80 vehicles who take immense pride in their rides provided the centerpiece to build around and draw individuals into the event.

Various community partners who donated the 60-plus door prizes used their resources to incentivize patrons who took part in the 5-hour event.

Those who contributed their time to help set up the bouncy house, cook food for the event, and take on many other unseen tasks that ensure the show is successful deserve to be commended as well.

Hopefully events like the car show will spark other hobbyists to share their love and passion for their interests in a way that promotes what they love while also giving back to the community.

It would be interesting to see what ideas may come to fruition. Some ideas that come to mind include a community-wide tailgate party featuring local musicians, a charity roast of a prominent public official, or maybe a ComicCon-style event that caters to those with a passion for superheroes, video games, and other activities within that particular scope.

As long as it’s an event capable of bringing the community together for a good cause and a good time, it’s worth the effort and consideration to give it a shot.

We applaud the individuals who made the recent car show a success.