Pet of the Week-Bash

Published 8:02 pm Friday, August 12, 2022

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

“Meow. My name is Sebastian McMichael but you can call me Bash. ( McMichael is a family name and my mom got my first name from a show she likes. I am four years old; I weigh 20 pounds and I am 41” long, which is about average for a Maine Coon like me. My Mom suffers from migraines and I can sense when she has one. I try to stay very close to her when she is sick to make her feel better. I have a cat brother named Finn and we are the best of friends. I do my best to protect him. My little feline sister, Ophelia, is a brat sometimes, but I still love her. My favorite treats are bacon and yogurt, but I will eat anything! When I am not making biscuits on a soft blanket or giving nose kisses, I enjoy playing fetch or watching the birds from our screened in porch.”
Keena Grissom of Brantley is Bash’s mom and she said he is a gentle giant and the perfect companion pet. He sleeps with his mom every night, taking up a large part of the bed. Even though he may have a tough exterior, his meow sounds like that of a small kitten. He does live up to his name since because of his size, he often knocks things over. Bash does not like being petted on the head, but he doesn’t mind a belly rub. Bash has his own Tik Tok where he has 19,300 followers. His claim to fame is having one of his Tik Tok videos shared by actress Lisa Rinna.

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