Pet of the Week-Boudreaux

Published 3:15 pm Friday, July 8, 2022

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

“My name is Boudreaux, and I am a 1-year-old cat. I’m a cute little rescue kitty, but I have more fun doing dog things like playing in the pond, and chasing cars. My brother AJ is a lab. Mom says I bully him sometimes, but he just won’t play with me. My favorite thing to play with is a bottle cap. I had a nice collection of them until Mom moved a cabinet where I had them stored for safekeeping. She found my stash and I just cannot find where she has hidden my bottlecaps. I sure love my Mom, but I think I am going to stop bringing her those frogs from the pond that she adores until she gives me back my bottle caps! My favorite treats are the yummy salmon and shrimp ones.”

Boudreaux’s owner is Gail Defee of Rutledge. She said that Boudreaux is an amazing, beautiful, sweet, and unique cat that she spoils rotten. When he brings her frogs, Boudreaux does not injure them. He plays with them for a bit and then they hop away. Defee said that Boudreaux was near death when she rescued him.
As she was trying to think of a name for the cat, Defee looked up at a picture of her son who passed away two years ago and said, what almost seemed like a whisper, she was led to name the cat Boudreaux after her son’s cat. Defee said that having Boudreaux, who gives the best love, is like having a piece of her late son still with her.
Boudreaux knows his name very well, loves his mommy and he has more toys than he could ever play with.

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