Mears secures Republican bid for sheriff

Published 9:08 pm Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Sheriff Terry Mears pulled out a victory in Tuesday’s sheriff run-off for the Republican bid for Sheriff. Mears was up against three candidates in the primary election, bringing in 43.45% of the vote. Joshua Wasden, of Highland Home, garnered 29.55% of the vote, placing him is the run-off election with the current sheriff.

Mears earned 51.04% of the vote in the run-off election, just beating out sheriff hopeful, Wasden. (Xanax)

“I want to thank the people that came out and voted for me and supported me. It was very humbling to win,” Mears said. “I wish Josh the best of luck in whatever he does. Having the opportunity to serve as sheriff is one of the most humbling and one of the most major accomplishments of my life. I want to thank all the veterans for their support.”

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The results were extremely close and Mears did not let that go unnoticed.

“I am a sheriff of the people,” Mears said. “I am not the most polished man, but I say what I am going to do and I follow through. Growing up, that meant something. I have done everything I promised to do in my last campaign and I will continue to serve the citizens of Crenshaw County through hard work and keeping my word.”

Mears will be up against Ronnie White, running as an Independent, in November.

Mears shared his offices’ numbers at the beginning of the month. Since he began his term as Sheriff, he has made the following arrests:

  • Criminal Mischief/trespassing: 122 arrests
  • Robbery/Burglary/Theft of Property: 231 arrests
  • Drugs: 499+ Arrests (78-80 % felony, 7 Trafficking Cases)
  • Rape and Sodomy: 12 arrests
  • Murder or Attempted Murder: 9 arrests
  • Sex Abuse: 12 arrests
  • Domestic Violence: (Total Calls in 2020) 831, (Total Calls in 2020 that were Domestic Violence) 110, (Total Arrests 2020) 70, Repeat Offenders Domestic Violence: 29
  • Domestic Violence: (Total Calls in 2021) 910, (Total Calls in 2021 that were Domestic Violence) 91, (Total Arrests 2021) 75, Repeat Offenders Domestic Violence: 32
  • Sex Offenders: 52 (Arrested 7 for SORNA Violations)
  • Bank Robberies: Arrested 4 suspects in Crenshaw County (as a result 1 bank robbery in Dozier, 2 bank robberies in Lowndes, and 4 bank robberies in Montgomery were solved)
  • Guardianship Over 7 Elderly

“I continue to be a working Sheriff,” Mears said. “We have a very active reserve program. I am still continuing to send out trash crews to clean this county up. I am also working with Judge Tate on mental health issues within the county. We have the mental health department come up to the jail and do checks on inmates.”

The election will be held November 8, 2022.