Voting is a privilege not to be squandered by neglect 

Published 8:37 pm Monday, June 20, 2022

As close as we are now to the June 21st Primary Election’s Runoffs, we need to work to get our registered voters out. According to the Alabama Secretary of State’s office, using information submitted by Crenshaw County’s Probate Judge, William Tate, only 30.16% [3,134] of the 10,390 registered voters in Crenshaw County voted in the Primary Election. That means 7,256 registered voters did not cast their ballots on some very important races for positions that can affect Crenshaw Countians locally, and statewide.

We freely admit a portion of those who did not vote could not for various reasons, including those who moved outside the county and did not change their voting location, or those who died and still have their names listed, but there are still thousands who could have voted, but chose not to. 

For those who do go to the polls Tuesday, here are some things to remember. First thing to know is that if you voted on May 24 you must vote in the runoff only on the party ballot you chose on May 24. There is no ‘cross over’ choice in the runoff. You cannot vote for candidates on both – at least not yet. That will come in the General Election on Nov. 8.

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Secondly, there are important races to be decided in next week’s Runoff Election, including Crenshaw County Sheriff, where incumbent Terry Mears is in a runoff with Joshua Wasden, which essentially will decide who is elected as there are no candidates on the Democrat side. Take a look at the Sample Ballots in this issue of The Luverne Journal. And we hope you will resolve to vote on June 21 – it is the right of registered voters and a wonderful privilege many in this world do not have.