Pet of the Week

Published 9:36 pm Thursday, June 2, 2022

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

“Hi, my name is Gidget Faulk. I’m not sure why my humans do not call me Queen Gidget, because I am definitely the queen of our home! They even have a painting hung on their wall of me dressed as a queen, so they do not forget who is in charge! I have a bed in every room, but my special bed is the one built specifically for me, that is under Mom’s nightstand. Even though I am only 1 year old, I am pretty sure that my parents, Rusty and Donna Faulk of Luverne, already love me more than their 3 human children. It’s really hard being the queen sometimes, but hey, someone has to do it! I am sorry my human siblings, but there can only be room for one favorite kid. I hate dog food, so my dad sneaks me potato chips when Mom isn’t looking. Chips are my favorite treat, but Mom makes sure that I eat healthy, most of the time that is. I love chasing my ball and we have this magical contraption that throws the ball over and over if I drop it in. It is amazing! I spend a good part of my days prancing around the house, sitting by the pool, and chasing my arch nemesis “Lizzy”- a salamander that I am determined to catch one day.”

Gidget’s mom said the pup will stare out the door until a lizard makes his appearance on the garden rocks. When she spots a lizard, Gidget runs to her parents, wagging her tail and barking, trying to persuade them to let her out so she can catch the beast that terrorizes their home. According to her parents, if they do not let Gidget out in time, and the lizard runs away, Gidget gets mad and begins to growl at them. She likes to hide her toys under her blanket, but if she catches her parents watching and laughing, she moves them to a new, more secretive hiding spot. Gidget’s mom says that she is very much a people person and that they enjoy involving Gidget in almost everything they do. Gidget’s mom said yorkies are naturally full of attitude, so they had to give their furbaby a sassy name. So when the name “Gidget” popped into her head, it was perfect for their baby girl.

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“Pet of the Week” is sponsored by Crenshaw Animal Clinic and Dr. Gammage of Luverne- (334) 335-5309. There will be a quarterly contest between each “Pet of the Week.” The pet with the most likes will be dubbed the winner and their owner will win a prize package from Crenshaw Animal Clinic valued at 0. (Ambien) 00. 

At the end of the year there will be a contest between all our quarterly winners where the pets will vie for the title of “Crenshaw County Pet of the Year.”

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