Published 5:04 pm Friday, May 27, 2022

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

“Meow! My name is Noel, and I am an 18-month-old mixed breed feline. I am a rescue kitty that was adopted by Alan and Vicki Coggins of Luverne. I sleep with my mom and dad in the winter, but in the warmer months I like to take all of my siestas on my cat perch by the window or under the couch. I follow my parents wherever they go, and I really enjoy watching my mom cook. However, I do not like human food at all or any fish flavored cat food. Yuck! My human brother, Cley, named me because I was adopted around Christmastime. I have a feline sister named Callie and a canine sister named Bella. My favorite place to hide is inside the dryer and I love getting inside bags!”

Noel loves Fancy Feast and Greenie treats. Her mom says she has beautiful, soft fur. She is an indoor cat that loves to play. Chase is her favorite game. Some of her favorite toys include bottle caps, silicone armbands and rubber bands. Noel loves lounging around, birdwatching, and when watching TV is fascinated when she sees fire. Her nickname is Prissy because she struts around the Coggins home like she owns it. Noel’s parents agree that she does indeed rule the roost and she is loved dearly by her family.

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