Barksdale living his dream

Published 5:16 pm Friday, May 27, 2022

Rawl Garrett Barksdale from Brantley High School graduated from Auburn University on May 7, 2022. He received a Mechanical Engineering Degree with a minor in Nuclear Engineering. He completed his Co-Op program with ATAP, a military contractor, and made the Dean’s list four times while at Auburn.

“In high school they had an assignment on where they would end up after school,” Rawl Barksdale, Garrett’s father, said. “Garrett wrote that he hoped he would wind up at South Texas Project Nuclear Facility in Matagora Texas. Well five years later he accepted one of many jobs exactly at the place he wrote about.”

Rawl is extremely proud of his sons.

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“I knew Garrett was destined to prevail,” he said. “He is and has been the best Son a man could ask for. We are so very proud of him. God bless him and always remember never give up on life no matter how much is thrown at you.”

Garrett has previously been in the Journal for his record breaking power lifting. Rawl said his son is still competing on his off time and he entered his first Strongman Classic Competion on May 21, in Montgomery.

“He placed 3rd in his weight and age class missing the win by only .04 seconds. He is really amazing young man and while I was cheering him on a sports talent agent was there taking pictures of him and asked if I was his dad and did I think he would be interesting in promoting sports attire,” Rawl said. “I just laughed at her and said you can ask, but that young man is to humble to ever do anything like that.”