Governor Kay Ivey Visits Luverne

Published 7:11 pm Thursday, May 19, 2022

On Friday, May 13, 2022, the city of Luverne was all abuzz upon the arrival of Governor Kay Ivey. Excited business owners and residents from across Crenshaw County filled the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce to welcome, shake hands and mingle with the leader of the great state of Alabama.

Ivey pleasantly greeted each individual and took pictures with the proud citizens of the county. Steve Sanders, president of the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce, spoke for the county.

“Our whole county is great,” Sanders told the crowd. “Through COVID, we did great. We have great people that stepped up and did what needed to be done. We need your help to keep our hospital, and if nobody else says it, 331, keep that in your pocket too. Thank you for everything and don’t forget us.”

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Ivey in a brief statement said with a smile, “I understand small towns. You show me a strong chamber and I’ll show you a thriving community. Thank you for what you do. My door is always open at the capital. I want to hear from small businesses and chambers. Small businesses and chambers are the backbone of our economies and communities. Call the Governor’s office, we want to hear from you.”

After the meet and greet at the Chamber, Ivey made her way over to Luverne Elementary School. There, Ivey was greeted by faculty and staff of Luverne School and members of the Crenshaw County Board of Education. The Governor made her way down the red covered halls to Mrs. Beasley’s Kindergarten classroom.

Once inside, the children were as silent as church mice as the Governor read with her thick southern accent,“What do you do with an idea?” by Kobi Yamada. The Governor interacted with the children just like any “MeMaw” would. She ended her visit with encouraging words for the kindergarten students.

“Boys and girls, it is so important to learn how to read,” Ivey told them. “When you learn to read, it opens all kinds of doors. I encourage you to read lots of books. God put you here for a purpose. You need to learn to read so that you find that purpose.”

Ivey made the stop in Crenshaw County as part of her re-election campaign tour.