Faith writer R.A. Mathews publishes new book

Published 8:10 pm Thursday, April 21, 2022

John writes in his Gospel that Mary Magdalene went to the tomb on Easter Sunday. Matthew says she was accompanied by another Mary, as does Luke, who includes Joanna. Mark adds Salome.

So who went to the tomb that holiest of mornings?

Matthew writes of Jesus meeting the disciples in Galilee, far to the north of Jerusalem, while John tells that Jesus first appeared to the disciples in Jerusalem.

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In her new book, “The Resurrection,” R.A. Mathews explains the events of Easter Sunday in her conversational, friendly manner.

Matthew, Mark, and Luke each wrote one chapter on the Resurrection. John wrote two. The author covers every verse of these chapters, helping the reader understand one of the most beloved moments in Scripture.

“Sharing the Lord is my calling,” Mathews says. “The Resurrection is one of my greatest joys!”

The title will be available at no additional expense on Kindle Unlimited or purchase a copy to keep. “The Resurrection” is a volume you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. (