Coleman makes history with appointment to Brantley Housing Authority Board

Published 3:45 am Friday, April 15, 2022

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

Ruby Coleman, of Brantley, was recently appointed by Mayor Bernie Sullivan to serve on the Brantley Housing Authority Board. Mayor Sullivan said he is honored to be part of this historical moment in Brantley history and added that Coleman’s character is her only defining attribute.

“Mrs. Ruby is a great human being with a smile and demeanor that is number one,” Sullivan said. “It is easy to tell, when you walk into the courthouse that she has a genuine concern for other individuals and that is what people on the board need to have. She makes everyone feel important, from the first time she meets you. She is a perfect fit.”

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Coleman has worked as the receptionist at the Crenshaw County Courthouse for about seven years now and also works part time for the extension office. She loves people and enjoys when she can put a smile on a sad face. 

“So many people come in here and I can just tell they are down and out. I try to start up a conversation in hopes I can help make them feel better. Sometimes neighbors will come to my house to ask me what they should do in different situations because they know I live my life trying to always do the right thing and only make fair decisions. Being appointed makes me feel good, it really does, because if I am able to help somebody along the way, then none of my life will have been in vain. I am excited to learn and am looking forward to seeing what I can do to help the people,” Coleman said. 

Coleman is the wife of the late J.W. Coleman. She has three sons and one daughter, Clarence Coleman-deceased, Taffy Coleman, Michael Coleman, and Mary Helen Burnett.