Five arrested following two month theft investigation

Published 4:04 pm Thursday, December 30, 2021

A theft investigation that began on October 25, 2021, resulted in five arrests on Tuesday by the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office.

Joseph Shane Bender and Aaron Sessions were arrested and charged with burglary third degree and theft first degree. James Goram, William Fuller and Mahala Davis were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property third degree.

The investigation started when a shop located on Highway 106 was broken into and several items stolen.

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Investigator Marcus Laster with the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office was made lead on the case and began investigating.

Laster, along with Narcotics Investigator Jonathan Pitts and the ALEA drone team, conducted air surveillance and were able to collect enough evidence for search warrants.

During the execution of the search warrants stolen property was recovered.

Laster and Deputy Strickland continued investigating and identified more suspects involved in the thefts.

Brantley Police Investigator Carson worked with Laster to interview the suspects identified and confirmed the individuals involved in the theft.

“They have been involved in several thefts throughout the county and they have been getting away with it for a while now,” Laster said.

Laster expects more to come in time from the investigation.

“We are taking a BIG stand against theft in the county,” Laster said.