CCA play fills our hearts

Published 6:36 pm Friday, December 17, 2021

The Crenshaw Christian Elementary students and teachers entertained parents and community members this morning with a hysterical and meaningful Christmas play.
The play, “Dr. Newhart’s Christmas Cure,” reminded the audience that gifts and things cannot fill the hole in your heart meant for God.
Nurse Philpott, played by Emilee Jacobs, opened the play depicting an overworked nurse who just wants a break so she can read her magazine but is bombarded by calls from patients seeking an appointment.
Jacobs may have a nursing career or acting career in her future by how well she played her role.
Khloe Burgans played Dr. Newheart, the physician who diagnosed the patients with having a hole in their hearts despite all the gifts they received for Christmas.
Savanna Strickland, Ezra Roberts, Cooper Sasser, and Caroline Smith played patients seeking a cure from Dr. Newheart.
Riley Mills and Braydon Acreman played Dr. Newheart’s interns, Dr. Fric and Dr. Frac. The two entered the stage with a skeleton and the two displayed their knowledge of the skeletal system before singing The Bone Song, accompanied by kindergarten thru sixth-grade students.
The Disorderlies, played by Jack Bryan, Kenton Frost, and Parker McAliley, were a comedic trio of orderlies who had personal experience with having a hole in their hearts. The three boys broke out in “That Holy Rap,” which gave me flashbacks to the ’90s.
When Cory and TJ, two patients, decide they feel better and want to leave, Dr. Newheart called in the Pink Ladies, played by Lily Jones, Annabella Trotter, Riley Armstrong. The pink ladies were “seasoned” nurses who had a slight hearing problem, which lent to the girls’ comedy routine.
Dr. Newheart then explains how they can fill the void in their hearts by asking God to come into it. The group follows Dr. Newheart’s advice by singing “Come in My Heart.”
The elementary students also performed “These Christmas Bells,” The Christmas Day Dumps,” “Dr. Newheart,” “A New Heart for Christmas,” “A Holy Night,” and Christmas Begins.”
The time and effort the students and teachers gave the production were evident. If you missed the play, you can see it on the Luverne Journal Facebook page.

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