“Mom and Pop” store open for 72 years   

Published 7:39 pm Thursday, June 17, 2021

If you have ever traveled between Highland Home and Luverne, you have probably stopped by Beasley’s Grocery to grab an ice cold soda and a bag of chips.

Last week, Sheriff Terry Mears presented Rita Beasley with a Certificate of Recognition from Governor Kay Ivey. The certificate recognizes the Beasley’s family owned and run grocery store for serving the community of Highland Home for 72 years.

Rita’s mother and father built the store in 1949. The house is located in the back of the store and Rita grew up there with her three siblings. The store and home has been expanded over the years. “We just built a little on at a time,” Rita said.

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Rita also has a hair salon in the back of the store. She said she isn’t able to do it as often as she use to but she still cuts hair part-time.

Rita will great you will a big smile and possibly a hug.

As soon as you enter the store, you are a member of the family. “There are families that travel from up north and make sure to stop by every year. As soon as the kids open the door they are peering over to see if I remember them,” Rita said laughing. “The kids have grown up over the years but I still recognize their faces.”

“You don’t see many store like this anymore,” West said. “It is sad but it is always good to have one that has been around, especially as long as this one has.”

Rita has run the store with her sons since 2009. Prior to that her brother ran the store. The store sells a little of everything, from coke to fishing rods, Beasley’s grocery probably has it.