Two CCA students attend Youth Leadership Conference

Published 8:06 pm Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Two upcoming juniors at Crenshaw Christian Academy recently attended this year’s Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference.

Shawn Thomas and Anna Grace Hall joined other students from across the state over the weekend for a two-day Zoom event that advised them on how to improve their leadership skills.

According to their website, whether a student attends physically or virtually, the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference allows students to “discover leadership from a personal, group and socially responsible perspective.”

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These conferences also allow students to build relationships with HOBY alumni and the positive community changers in their area.

When it was announced he would attend the conference, Thomas says that he was ecstatic.

“It truly was an honor to be invited to attend,” he said. “I was thrilled when given the news that I would get the opportunity to represent my school at the conference. If I were allowed to attend next year, I would graciously accept the invitation.”

During his time at the virtual conference, Thomas says he participated in group activities that helped develop his debate skills.

“One of the activities consisted of a debate on whether summer or winter was better,” Thomas said. “At the end of the debate, students voted on who they thought had the best argument. Afterward, the conference organizers informed us on how we could improve those skills.

According to CCA Headmaster Rebecca Baggett, only those top academic students who are outstanding in grade performance and behavior may attend.

“When selecting a student, we look at the transcripts and grades to determine who will attend,” Headmaster Baggett said. “If a student is unable to attend, then we would find a suitable replacement. Regardless of who attends, however, it’s an excellent item to have on a resume.”