Thoughts from Rutledge, Alabama

Published 10:10 pm Sunday, April 25, 2021

Hello from Rutledge Alabama, I know it has been awhile since I have written anything and I am sorry for that. We have been pretty busy cleaning up after the fire at Luverne Hardware. The good news is that Luverne Hardware is now open. We don’t have any inside merchandise right now but we will have when we complete renovations so please come see us when you can. We have building materials, piping, molding and other building materials outside.

Well it seems like COVID-19 has served its purpose by allowing the government to accrue such a large debt that our great great grandchildren will still be paying for it. It is kind of funny to me that people get excited about getting stimulus checks, think of them this way, the government is really just letting you use some of your own tax money.

As far as things going on in the Town of Rutledge, well, it seems like the Sheriff’s Office is unable to stop four wheelers and dirt bikes from running around the Town of Rutledge. The deputies will stop them when they see them but it doesn’t seem to deter them, because as soon as the deputy leaves they are right back to running. I don’t think anyone would mind if there weren’t young children on there. Eventually there is going to be a wreck and someone seriously injured, because for one thing, they don’t recognize stop signs. So when it happens, who is going to be responsible? I know what one of the contributing factors is going to be. The lack of enforcement will be one issue.

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I understand the Sheriff’s office can’t be everywhere, however, this is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed along with the traffic enforcement on our county roads. Here is a question I was thinking about earlier, when was the last time you have seen a semi-truck pulled over by a Sheriff’s Deputy? I cannot remember ever seeing one which may be the reason they very seldom observe traffic laws, It seems like we could get some help from the state if nothing else.

And in closing approximately 3643 days since Delange Harris’s Murder and 1773 days since Mr. Earl Cosby’s murder and still no justice for the families.