Severe Weather Alert

Published 6:19 pm Friday, April 9, 2021

The Crenshaw County EMA director, Elliot Jones, has relaeased the following information regarding the incoming severe weather for our area:
We have taken a closer look at some things this morning and the bottom line is the severe weather risk continues to increase, especially after midnight into Saturday morning. The Moderate and Enhanced RIsk areas have been expanded east. You will also notice in the attached updated graphics that we locally expanded the Enhanced Risk to include coastal areas as well. We are becoming more confident in the potential of a large organized squall line racing southeast across our area after midnight into Saturday morning. This squall line has the potential to bring widespread wind damage with damaging wind gusts potentially reaching up to 80 mph in some locations. Please note that the Moderate and Enhanced risks are primarily due to the significant wind damage potential. This squall line could also produce embedded tornadoes and large hail greater than quarter size.
Not much has changed in the thinking of Round 1 for today. We have already seen an isolated storm over Clarke County produce tennis ball size hail and numerous storms have produced heavy rain along the immediate coast of NW FL. Additional scattered storms are likely to develop today. These storms could quickly turn severe and produce large hail (an isolated hail report of golf ball to tennis ball size is possible) and damaging wind gusts.

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