Possible tornado damage in Brantley

Published 12:26 am Friday, March 19, 2021

A few Brantley families saw destruction after an apparent tornado made its way through their area early Thursday morning.

Trees broken in half and a garage completely demolished on Nelvin Wallace Road in Brantley.

Across the field onto Carter Road, a portable building was destroyed, six pecan trees uprooted, a truck was damaged and another portable building was damaged.

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Debris is spread throughout the yards and homeowners have pieces to pickup over the coming weeks.

“It appears to be a tornado out on Glenwood Road that touched down and then lifted back up,” Elliott Jones, EMA director, said.

A tornado warning was issued for Brantley, Luverne, and Glenwood early Thursday morning. A possible debris field was evident on the radar which lead to the warning.

Jones is still inspecting areas within the county looking for possible tornadic or straight line wind damage.

The majority of the damage seems to be in this one location. The county was spared for the most part of damage.